Every year, thousands of dogs and cats die of cancer. Just like in humans, cancer is the no. 1 cause of death in our pets, too. 


The vets and researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht, the largest academic veterinary hospital in Europe, want to help as many animal cancer patients as possible. They are committed to developing the most advanced treatment options through research and applied veterinary medicine. What's more, those research efforts will provide important insights into how to fight cancer in humans, too. 


That is why the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine works closely together with the doctors and researchers at the University Medical Centre Utrecht and the Princes Maxima Center for pediatric oncology. 


But in order do more research and develop effective treatments against cancer, funding is desperately needed. That is why Friends of VetMed have launched the campaign "Fighting Cancer Together". 


Join us today and help animal and human patients with cancer! 

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About Friends of VetMed

We want our animals to be healthy today – and to stay healthy tomorrow. That’s why we support scientific research, and innovative approaches towards (veterinary) patient care that protect and improve animal health and welfare. Let's make a difference. Let's get all our ducks in a row!